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Tips to Wear Mascara When You Have Sensitive Eyes

Wearing mascara can be the best way to make your date notice you, but you have to be careful if your eye sensitive. Sure, looking good for the club is fun. Once in a life time experience to be more exact. However, your eyes may not want to cooperate and that could be a problem if you don’t know what to do about it. Start, by wearing the best mascara for sensitive eyes. Give yourself the highest comfort and trick your eye lids into accepting eye mascara, so you can go out like the other girls. Read my nice little tips below.

best mascara for sensitive eyes

Avoid Mascara With Carmine

Mascara with carmine is not the mascara you would want. Carmine helps you get the red color you want. But, that red color is proven to be irritating for people with sensitive eyes. Insects are used to produce that shade of red. The insects have acid in them. The acid affects the structure of your eyes. Whatever best mascara for sensitive eyes make up you find, must not have an inch of carmine in it. Some mascaras don’t have carmine listed on their reference label. So, you need to look for the color red too. Usually, the mascara containing red or similar color has carmine in it also. Avoid the word red and anything that looks like the color red. Wear a mascara that is black or some other attractive color.

On the contrary, if you find yourself not irritated by red mascara than wear it. Red mascara is very good and pretty. Has a way of bringing full beauty. If red mascara does not harm your eyes, you are more then welcomed to try it. Do not be afraid to try something that does not cause you to irritate in eyes. Do what feels good and you will be ok.

Try Waterproof Mascara for Sensitive Eyes

If your looking for mascara to last a long time for sensitive eyes, try using mascara that is water proof for sensitive eyes. Important to not leave the mascara on too long. Waterproof mascara has a habit of sticking to the skin. Make sure you remove the mascara off after you go beach diving or whatever. The removal pain you would endure could be too much. Also, do not wear waterproof mascara every day either. The more you put on the harder it is to take off. Should put waterproof mascara on once every 3 days or so. In any event, they are great for making your face gloom for long periods of time.

To extend, waterproof mascara is good for beach days. Wanting to look pretty in the bright Sun will now be 3 times easier. Waterproof mascara adds a strong level of make up to your eyes. Paint does not fall out when you burst into tears. Helps you fight against water splashing on your face. Your beautiful eyes will continue to look beautiful as you strut in the sand. Wear the best waterproof mascara for sensitive eyes and your all set. People who plan to go out to the beach for more than one hour should definitely use it.

Take Medication to Help With Eye Sensitivity After You Wear Mascara

After you take off your mascara, there is a chance you may need to apply medication to your eyes. You might be one of the small individuals who are irritated to mascara after a period of use. Mascara can cause your eyes to itch even if you use mascara that is designed for sensitive eyes. There are no limits on eye irritation and mascara. Use Antihistamine medication to help your itch or soar go away. Antihistamine blocks histamine from your eye. As it blocks, your eyes irritation gets less and numbs. Now, you should not take Antihistamine if you have glaucoma. People who have glaucoma are known by doctors to have allergic reactions to it. All things considered, use eye medication if you find you are having problems with your eyes.

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