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Should I Put Lotion on My Bald Head?

The baldness is a bold fashion among female and it does not matter if you have shaven it recently or it is for a long time, you have to take care of your scalp. The reason behind it is that your scalp contains the natural oil on your head.

Should I Put Lotion on My Bald Head?


(1). Still use your shampoo and conditioner

Even though you are bald, there is some hair on your head that are still growing from the root, but you cannot see them. They are the goosebumps and they are usually in the color of the skin of your scalp. You still have to take care of them by giving them a good clean on a regular basis so that your scalp is protected from any possible infection or injury as such redness. As you move outside your house, the oil already presents on your scalp along with the dirt and dust makes up your scalp in a very bad condition that it can even start to smell bad.

So, while taking a shower in the morning, it is necessary to take a bath and wash your head with both the shampoo and conditioner just like you used to do, when you had hair on your head. Using a conditioner will help you in getting ahead that is free from flake and you will see that your skin is getting moisturizer. You can use the soap also but it may dry the skin so you need to use the Best Bald head shampoo only.

(2). Protect your head from the sun rays

Since the sun rays include the UV rays which is harmful to the human body so you need to skip the sun rays as much as possible. And if you have bald head then you need to take extra care of your head as the hair on your head usually keeps it warm and protected from any possible injury or infection. The burnt head is not suggested to be a good sign for your brain as well. The UV rays from the sun can have adversely affected your skin if not taken any precaution. While stepping out in the sun, you must either use the sunscreen or use the cap instead.

With no hair, there is no insulation on your head so you need to protect your head from the harsh environment. The high temperature of the sun might burn the skin on your head and may cause redness also. And even when the clouds are over your head, you should use the precaution there as well as it may result in the scorched scalp. So, when going outside it is advisable to not to leave your skin without any precautions.

Should I Put Lotion on My Bald Head?


(3). Stay hydrated for whole day

Even the doctors have suggested that it is compulsory to drink water on the regular basis so that you keep yourself hydrated and there is no chance of dehydration. Even drinking water at a regular interval will give your head enough moisture and will keep the dryness at bay. And will also maintain the natural oil on your scalp so that your head is protected from various infections or injuries.

Moreover, since you do not have hair on your head, you will face that more insulation is on top of your head so you will be needed to take extra care of your head. To skip the situation of dehydration, you need to consume as much water as you can in a single day, even though, 8 liter of water in a single day is enough for an average human being. You should also use the moisturizer on your head if your head has sensitive skin and if it is dry or normal, then apply the lotion or oil. You can also wash your head with the best bald head lotion and the conditioner after you are done with the soaking in sun.

Should I Put Lotion on My Bald Head?

(4). Head massage

You may wonder to know that if you massage on a bald scalp rather than a scalp with hair, then the bald scalp will feel more relaxed than the other one. Daily massage helps in the better circulation of blood in your body and the hair growth will be healthy the next time. So you can use all your 10 fingertips on your head and push them down your scalp with a certain amount of bearable pressure. You should move from the forehead directly downwards your head crown which is the centre of your head and then towards your neck. Can either do it on your own or ask somebody to do it for you.

You can apply the lotion or the oil for better lubrication and afterward, you can wash your head with the best bald head lotion. The benefit of using the massage over your scalp is that it will keep your head free from the flaked, dryness and even itchiness. The blood circulation on the whole part of the body and also the neck area especially, therefore, amplifying the production of red blood cells in your whole body. With the production of red blood cells, it becomes more easy for a body to grow the cells and rejuvenate them. It not only keeps the roots of your hair strong but also the hair shafts are made strong and nourished well with the massage.


The bald scalp must be taken care of as it contains three natural oil which is very important to keep the head hydrated and helps you in keeping the dryness at bay.  You must use the bald head lotion in order to protect, provide moisture to your scalp and keep safe. With no hair and if taken care of, your scalp will not have any dandruff or any other hair problem that you might have faced. We highly hope with this content you will be able to understand that if you should apply the lotion on your bald head or not.

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