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A Much Easier Way to Apply Liquid Eye Liner

I used the liquid eyeliner before and had many problems. I try to be an expert at it. Went to the best drugstore liquid eyeliner shops in town. Ask questions to people who work at hair saloons. I never seem to find one answer that fits all though. After some years, I come to the conclusion that putting eyeliner on your face is a art you choose. You must practice and choose the design you want. There are ones that is trendy, but you should go with the design you think works the best. That’s what I like to do. Here some more things you should know when putting on liquid eyeliner. Ways to make it easier.

Easier Way to Apply Liquid Eye Liner

Open One Eye While Adding Eye Liner

You need to open one eye when you put on eyeliner. Close one of your eyes when you put on the eyeliner. Its pretty much the eye you want to add eyeliner on that needs to be closed. You won’t lose the ability to draw each line straight. You will have more focused on your drawing and be able to make the lines more even. You ever hate making lines on your eyes and getting a little bump. That is a pain. You need the face to look good for meetings. Maybe even for your new boyfriend. Make that pain go away by opening one eye while putting on eyeliner.

Use Several Short Strokes

When you go to the best drugstore liquid eyeliner in town, do the opposite of what they say. They will tell you to use one good stroke. But, you can not do that. Only professionals can use one stroke to get everything done. It takes too long and your going to mess up. Draw the line on your eye lid with small horizontal strokes. Connect the lines little by little until they connect the entire eyeliner on your eye. Its a dash process that makes it easier to get the eyeliner design on your eye. Take your time. There is no reason to rush a eyeliner touch up. If you need to rush, practice when you don’t need to rush. Almost forgot, make sure to apply the eyeliner on your eye more then once. Overlap the first line you put on your eye. You got to get the color to look visible on your face.

Another thing you can do is add a layer of pencil eyeliner first. Most liquid eyeliners look like water color when they are first used. Add some pencil eyeliner to the mix and you got yourself a more naturally look. People will stop seeing the faded eyeliner and see the new slick one.

Look at Eyeliner Pictures to Get Eyeliner Design Idea

If you find yourself wanted a new eyeliner look, you should look online to see what the other women are doing. Zoom the picture in on your phone and take it with you to the mirror. Then, apply the new eyeliner design and use the picture you found online for a guide. Doing this, will let you use a new eyeliner design with ease. You never know what your doing at first. Using a guide or practice is necessary. Do not forget to this.

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